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Camping Guide Italy & Europe

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The first and most relevant Guide to Italian Campings and Villages, with extensions to Corsica, Croatia , Core D'azur, France, Germany & other European facilities. This app App have an offline database, so it works without internet connections.
This guide has been created by i3factory together with Network, FAITA Federcamping, Isnart and is characterized by 3700+ facilities.
Each camping can be looked for directly from the map or through the internal search engine. Each camping is provided with a description together with address, phone numbers, web site and e-mail, services and photos. Besides, thanks to Panoramio service, the user can virtually travel in the camping neighborhoods by looking at the beautiful photos provided by Panoramio.
Finally you can share your travels by e-mail or posting a message to your Facebook account or you can save your choice in your iPhone/iPad address book.
Every search (with the exception of the map feature) can be run even when not connected to internet, so adding extra value to this app as you can still search for a camping on area where internet connection is not available!